Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Battling onwards: the lawn that never sleeps...

Once more it is summer here at the Quirky Old House.
Once more into high grass, carpenter bees, hornets, and ground hogs.

So far this year the hornets have been limited to the porch--which is a vast improvement over last year's constant of Hornet-in-the-House and "get it the fuck out--before the cats try to eat it or it stings me!". Yes, them hanging on the porch is a big improvement, and eventually when that gets insulated and sealed then the stripey buggers will stay away.

The carpenter bees on the other hand, will continue to roam around and I don't mind since they're not hostile and are really pretty cool.

The ground hogs are not rampant (well unless you ask mark, and then he'd say yes. they are. they apparently were chasing him last year) They're big, but as long as they aren't eating the tender bark off my japanese maple (which has sprung up an amazing amount since last year--I'll try to remember to take a pic of it for an update), or the bark off the 2 apple trees and the peach tree (all of which are spindly and struggling after the particularly harsh winter we had which rolled right into summer and bypassed spring completely).

So the lawn.
Do you call it a Lawn if it's 5 acres of grass and clover and misc. other plants? Or is that just the part in front of the house (and the patch in the back?) well, whichever, it grows like someone cast a magic spell on it. It's not hard to think about sleeping beauty and the rampantly raging brambles that covered the kingdom (in the books it did. Not sure about the recent movie since I didn't get to see that yet...)

Anyway, yea. Sheep.
Our neighbor was telling us to keep sheep.
That 2 or 3 sheep would keep the grass to a minimum. Of course, there's work to be done if you keep sheep. And to be honest, I know fuck all about them except of course that they have those freaky eyes, and like me, they are prone to depression.
No, really.
Don't you believe me? If you don't you should totally check out this piece:
Who knows, maybe the sheep could teach me a thing or two LOL.
But Mark balks at the idea of getting a 4th cat--I can't see him going "Hell Yeah!" to sheep.
I'd rather have the 4th cat.