Friday, 5 July 2013

Winter is Coming... (no, I'm not quoting Game of Thrones!)

So even with the super hot weather we're having, I know Winter is coming.
It's July, then after that August and then....September--Frosty September. And Freezing cold October...and onward into the winter again!

What does that mean>>> Why am I spending part of my summer fretting about it?
It means we need to prepare more --and better --than we did last September/Winter since we moved in. I DO NOT want frostbitten toes again, nor do I want to HAVE to wear 7+ wool sweaters at the same time to stay functional inside the house.

Since the winter (actually, before we ever bought a house) we have been discussing getting a woodburning stove so that we have some alternative heat options 1) if the power goes out (and our furnace) and 2) wood & wood blocks are still cheaper per season than buying a tank and a half of oil (which we're talking 1600$ if we only kept it to 45 degrees in the house). So yea.

We finally got around to sourcing some local fireplace people and after some trial and error (and realizing who has the willingness to actually BE in the office when you make an appointment) we got a guy/business who's going to install a woodburning stove for us. We've picked out a model--neither of us are in love with it, but 1)it's on sale for 500.00 off the regular price, and 2) we can always upgrade to a different one down the line--so looks aren't as important as function in this case.

So I hear what you're thinking: "Great! How's it look? When is it getting installed?"
Ah. There's the rub!

We have to get the majority of the living-room renovations done before we can have him install it for us (since having it installed and then trying to tackle taking down the ceiling, and doing the walls and crap would surely be a recipe for disaster and possibly a damaged stove!).

It's hot.
It's muggy.
We're both irritated and frustrated and more than a little grouchy.

We have to go shopping at lowes and buy a lot of crap which is going to be heavy and just going to = more grouchy interactions. (I'm not a professional "chippy" and I don't understand instinctively how to move large pieces of wood, sheetrock or other crap)

Anyway, I'm sure this too will pass and although Winter is coming I hope we'll be warmer this time around!


  1. Hooray for finding a wood burning stove that fits your budget better...even if the looks aren't what you'd prefer. And I so understand about not knowing how to move those big things. I like to be crafty and kind of handy, but yeah I am sorely lacking that kind of knowledge as well. Sending good thoughts for all your upcoming projects!

  2. Thanks Deb! I'm so glad that someone else "gets" that it's not instinctive how to do those things! ;)