Friday, 8 March 2013

If you'd asked me.....

You know, if you had asked me if it was possible to survive a NY winter without heat for half of it I'd have said "NO WAY!"....but I have to say that we've managed to do just that.
Despite keeping the heat on only when the pipes were at immediate risk of freezing, and when it was uber cold out (8 degrees Fahrenheit) we managed to keep it going from late october to beginning of feb. Then the oil hit empty and we couldn't really afford to pay another 600+ for another half a tank. Which has been a bummer. It's cold outside, sure--but it's cold inside as well.

I love Quirky Old House. I do.
But QOH has very little insulation so when the wind blows---you still feel it even inside. :S We're working on getting that taken care of by next winter. We also are discussing the possibility of getting a small woodstove. The house is small enough that it could heat the whole thing.... Anyway, we're making it through the winter. We use a small electric space heater in my workroom/office & the cats generally stay in there with me. Mark has a small heater, and his ever present hairdryer, and we have bunches of blankets. So yes, you can make it through at least a month and a half )or more but its not comfortable. But we're surviving so far--which is awesome :D
If the bluebirds can do it we can too!

 I can say that I will be super pleased when spring has sprung! I am ready for it to get a little warmer (it's supposed to be in the 40's this weekend and I am UBER excited about that! Yay Roll on Spring!)


  1. Holy crap woman!!! I cannot even imagine going with out the heat on...but Sounds like you are tougher than I am! Hopefully Spring is right around the corner!

  2. Thankd Deb, it's certainly been an experience! ;) Spring is going to come and then I bet the summer will end up being a real scorcher! (And make me miss winter!!!)