Thursday, 7 February 2013

Ah....Brrrrrr! Brisk Winter is Here.....

Yes, it's been a while since I updated the Quirky House blog. I know *smack hand* bad blogger! :P
It's pretty much because there hasn't been a whole lot to report. Winter came in pretty swiftly at the end of November and has been treating us to the joys of a very limited range of activities. The house is cold (it's not good for Quirky House, but that's how it is right now, so we must cope!) Cold? It's generally between 43-50 degrees in the house (with the heat on the lowest setting. With the space heater in my workshop it's 55-60 and I feel toasty when it is!)

Ah so anyway the cold has brought it's own joys & sorrows.
We've had the pipes freeze 2x.
We've had some sort of mystery issue with the sink (still on-going and trying to find the answer)

The joys are (*for me*) more numerous!
I've seen 2 foxes in the snow outside my window. The black eyed juncos make daily appearances outside the window --giving me and the kittens "bird-o-vision". The local coopers hawks fly by and over and keep an eye out for eats (another reason for the cats to stay indoors until I can build them an enclosed run).

And of course I'm always shocked when I look out the front door and can see crisp, gorgeous blue skies  bordered with white and trees...It's gorgeous. I love it. And yes, despite the many problems ongoing here at Quirky House I love it too. (Yes, I talk to the house!)

Mark is still coming to terms with Quirky House and with life in the US and the North East. It's a big change and I think he's really wishing he were back int eh UK where the winters were much warmer and milder. I tell him we'll make it through this one and it'll be better next winter. We'll be better prepared.