Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Living Room Floor: a Work in Progress

Yea, I know you remember that we are/ were working on the living room.
I know It's supposed to be the first room that we completely re-do. (It got delayed because Mark had to insulate & lag the pipes in the basement to keep them from freezing & bursting!). And of course there were a couple of delays because he had to replace the pipe for the oil to be delivered. And replace the copper tubing/piping from the oil tank to the furnace. He's really awesome at being able to do all that crap, don't you think?? I sure do! :D

At last I've got those long promised photos of how the living-room is progressing!
We've got a couple of before and during so you all can have a little something to look at :)

So here are the photos: This is the living room before we started doing anything with it. It had some nasty grey/ industrial looking rug. It was stained all over the place, and pretty grosssssssssss!

You can see the outdated front door that needs replacing:
 That doorway leads into the tiny bedroom we're using as ours. 

 This is the view from our bedroom doorway. You can kind of see my studio in this shot 
(along with the true gross-ness of the rug!)
 Ok, so I left mark alone for ONE NIGHT.....And this is what he got up to! You see all that "black stuff" on the floor? It's tar paper. :(. And it was seriously stuck to the floorboards. D'oh!

 So, yep! HE ripped up the rug, the underlayment! (He also did that in my studio room)
There was some nasty green rug in my studio (it was at least a couple of decades old) 
(there was a lot more of it than there is in the photo below. It was taken after we'd already gotten rid of some of it)

 ANYWAY...back to the livingroom floor!
This is how it started to look after mark and & were taking scrapers to it. 
Not pretty, right?
Here's me: (like the floor, really)
Yea, I was hating on that floor. 
Or more accurately, on the tar. 
It was a real hassle (and pain) to get off and it took  hours just to get some of it off.
Mark had a brilliant idea to try using a heat gun to soften it up. He started doing it that way and it went a lot more quickly (but still very slow.) It stinks terribly and I make him wear a respirator while he's doing it.  We have to open the windows and I also barricade the cats up in a room with all the door gaps sealed and again the windows opened a bit. 

This photo shows how much of the tar paper Mark managed to get off so far with the heat gun. 
(all that's actually left are the two largeish areas in the center).
The heat gun has two settings but we can only use it on the lower setting for the floor. 
IF we don't it then creates even more noxious fumes, and sets off the smoke detector. :(
So we're figuring by the end of this month to have the floor de-nuded of tar paper, and to rent the floor sander from the local place. (It's about 70 bucks for 4 hours). Then we'll go from there. 
Ok that's that! 

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  1. What a dramatic improvement already!!! I think it will be rather stunning once finished!