Thursday, 22 November 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here's wishing you all a happy thanksgiving!

 We at the Quirky House have all sorts of stuff to be thankful for (not the least of which IS the Quirky House!).

We're both thankful we have each other.
We're grateful for the mental cats we have.
We appreciate and feel blessed for the friends and family that we have and have found again.
Me, I'm thankful for cows who make milk & steak (and cheese and butter!)
Mark is thankful for grains which make the cereal he loves so much!
Electra & Harley are thankful for us to feed them & cover them up with wool sweaters and heating pads...
 We're all grateful that we found Quirky House and the sanctuary it offers us from the rest of the world. And I'm thankful for our yard & all the birds that are in it. I'm so loving our wildlife!

I hope everyone out there has something (no matter how small) to be grateful for and to appreciate in their lives.

Best to you all!

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