Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The view from the front step

So one of the things that absolutely made me really, truly appreciate our new home was the fact that we get some awesome views. It's gorgeous country out here. Truly.

We've not had a whole lot of time so far to just stop and look around but when you do it's really great. We've got all kinds of wildlife: hawks , foxes, coyotes, skunks, wild turkey and geese, deer...and yesterday we saw 3 bluebirds (I mean real ones, ala Eastern Bluebirds). I really need to start taking a camera when I walk out of the house!

This is our pet rock: (you can see him from the kitchen or the kitchen porch-let)
He's big, and comes up to my thighs.Pretty big!. He's made of a giant lump of granite. Really, really, reaaaaaaaally heavy. The guy we bought the house from broke his lawn-tractor when he moved the rock from out in the field to there, under the willow.  I think it is fine where it is. ;)

I know I'm not supposed to have favorites....but this tree is my favorite!
To give you some idea of scale---that person in the background (mark) is 6'3...we estimate the Big Maple is about 50-60 feet high...and has gorgeously wonderful branches. I am a long-time fan of maple trees, so that one is a winner in my book!
I mean, look at this:
Just gorgeous! Character oozes from this tree! I LOVE IT!

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  1. That tree is magnificent. I noticed the trees on our property go straight up, THEN branch out. No room to tree-climb, tire swing, build tree house, hang a bird feeder. It looks like your tree can accomplish all that!