Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Stormy Weather!

Well we survived  (so far) the effects of Tropical Storm / Hurricane ?Cyclone Sandy! We got hit with a bunch of rain, and some really high winds. Mark, Myself and the kittens all were ok, but we were of course worried about those 2 big trees in the backyard.

The maple (now naked!) made it through with no problems and surprisingly enough, no loss of branches at all! (and I saw the bluebirds struggling to hang on to it and I gotta make some bluebird houses!)

We were both more worried about the old willow out back. It's taller than the Maple (hard to believe!) and it tends to look a lot more fragile (at least judging by all the broken limb areas that seem to have healed up)
 We were worried when we were getting sustained winds of 50+ but thankfully we only lost a few mediumish/smallish branches. We hope that it stays that way. We were really concerned too, because there was a limb that was broken (yea we know we need to take care of it) and were afraid it might come off in the storm.
This is it after the storm---and yes, more of it has detatched itself.......

we walked down the road a ways to our neighbor (who does landscaping and seawalls) and asked if they had any way of reaching it (the limbs are still about 12 feet higher than our 24ft ladder). They don't but they're going to talk to someone who let's hope we get it sorted so that it goes down on the ground and not on the kitchen roof or the garage! It's a fairly large limb so ...who knows at this point, eh'?

Ok that is the update for now!

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  1. Glad you're okay! The footage from the NE is really scary.