Friday, 19 October 2012

So much to do. Don't Panic!

I have a towel. I don't need to panic! ;)

I know I've waxed almost poetic about the scenery, the wildlife (saw a herd of 6 last night on the way home from the hardware store) and the just awesomeness of where our house is located. What I haven't gone on about is, of course, the nitty gritty stuff that we have to do.

To be fair there is a whole lot more that we need to do to the house: (just some of the things)
  • pull off the old paneling & the lath and plaster underneath to examine the state of the electrical wiring (very likely re-wire), 
  • insulate the walls
  • Sheetrock walls
  • do the same toe the ceiling in the living-room, bathroom and kitchen. 
  • The Green Room upstairs needs the walls, ceilings and all taken back to the rafters to see what is going on up there (and to deal safely with the inevitable lead paint), and possibly before we re-sheetrock those walls install a skylight to make it less dreary.
  • Reinforce kitchen floor foundation....
This doesn't of course include the fact that we need to fix the retaining wall in the basement, or re-plumb the bathroom because the piping in there is old cast iron and is giving us icky sediment filled water (unlike the kitchen which is on new piping), and sopme other mysterious pipes that we need to know what they are for before we do anything to them.

And of course, we're having some issues with our furnace. Joy, huh?
I'm hoping we can get the furnace sorted before the temps drop to freezing since I'm pretty worried that our pipes will freeze. :S The local HVAC companies can't come out to service it until mid November so a bit worried. Yea, ok. Very worried. But I have to hope it'll work out.

We got the furnace running, making heat & the carbon monoxide detector is being I think we're good with that! Yay! Heat! :) *more importantly---less of a chance of frozen pipes!*
Please wish us luck.


  1. Oooh, please do before and after shots! Nothing like a home makeover to make me giddy!

  2. I will!We are consciously making an effort to try to shoot pics of everything we're working on before we change it so that there'll be comparison shots ;)