Friday, 12 October 2012

It's a Quirky Old House....But it's Ours! :D

Hi! Thanks for dropping by the Quirky Old House Blog! :D

Mark & I decided that it would be the best way to try to document our new place and what all we plan to do with /to it.

Ok, so here's a bit of background for everyone who doesn't know the story behind mark and me.
Mark (my husband the brit) & I moved from the UK in June and went to stay with adopted family in upstate NY while we searched for a place to live. It's been hard going for us, staying with adopted family (it's a real adjustment when you're used to a household of 2 and then you move into a household of 4 for a total of 6!!!!), searching high & low for a place that we wanted to call home. We saw A LOT of houses during our search and we offered on another one before this one--but it ended up having serious issues with septic & well that we decided to walk away. Which really bummed us out at the time, but we just decided to keep rolling with the punches.

So....After 3 really long months Mark & I have finally managed to find, buy & move into the house we put the offer in on! Yay! :D

What does it look like?

Here's a pic from online (I promise I'll give better "real" photos once I can find the camera!)

Our House...not exactly in the middle of the street!
Yes, it's a bit rural...and yes, the area where the trees are along 2 sides pretty much marks the property's cool. The sellers took the trampoline when they left but they left us the wooden swingset...(which maybe I can make into a bench swing at some point).

There are 2 trees in the yard--both of them are very old. There is an old Willow (which is waaay huge) and an old maple which no kidding would take 3 people holding hands to get around.

It's a fixer-upper (in a big way, built in 1800's and it shows) but we're sure it is going to make a great home for us! :D
Once we're settled in a bit (like we have heat and hotwater!) and spring comes I'd like to get started with keeping bees & chickens...and doing something with that garden! (ok, it was a horse paddock, but can't you just see that as the ideal garden area? full eastern sun, not too much shade???)

So ok, welcome to our home! :)


  1. Perfect! Oh my goodness, all that land, I'm so excited for you! Can't wait to follow your adventure.

  2. Thanks Danielle! ;) It's a good place, and we got some seriously good signs when we made the move in. So we're happy! (very busy, but happy!)

    I'll try to make sure I update with pics as soon as I can!

  3. Wow - Cool pics and a LOT of work you have done! As I was lucky to be one of the first folks to see the house, I am VERY impressed at everything you have done. Glad the heat is working. The weather will be getting "cooler" soon. And I am glad to hear that Mark got the mouse skeleton out of the mower... What a handy guy to have around a quirky old house! Hugs, Ruth & Debbie